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Télécharger le livre :  Géographies de Gauguin

Géographies de Gauguin

Jean-François Staszak
La géographie occupe une place centrale dans la vie et le travail de Gauguin. Marin, grand voyageur, il a parcouru le monde. Son oeuvre se nourrit des lieux qu'il a peints et où il a peint : Bretagne, Provence, Martinique, Tahiti, Marquises. ...

Télécharger le livre :  Pour la défense de la langue tahitienne

Pour la défense de la langue tahitienne

Florence Ferment Mear
Editions L'Harmattan
En Polynésie française, deux langues sont en contact : la langue tahitienne et la langue française. Or, aujourd'hui, nous constatons l'abandon de la langue tahitienne par ses locuteurs. Cette étude veut répondre à plusieurs questions : Pourquoi cette déperdition récente...

Télécharger le livre :  Instrumentation industrielle - 4e éd.

Instrumentation industrielle - 4e éd.

Michel Grout , Patrick Salaun
En instrumentation industrielle, certains matériels subissent plus d’agressions que d’autres et méritent une attention particulière  : c’est le cas des indicateurs, des transmetteurs de mesure et des vannes de régulation.Cet ouvrage propose une approche pratique...

Télécharger le livre :  The Princess's Playthings

The Princess's Playthings

James Missaglia
Pink Flamingo Publications
If you’re a thief in the Seven Kingdoms, there are a few things you don’t do: annoy wizards, trust pawnbrokers, and least of all – fuck around with the Valarian royal family. Marrox knows these rules but after a night of anal with Saryn, a gorgeous...

Télécharger le livre :  Night Closes In

Night Closes In

Paul Moore
Pink Flamingo Publications
Through a series of interviews with those involved, the story of a human trafficking operation in a corrupt rural county unfolds. In a secret prison deep underground, abducted women are broken with mental conditioning, drugs, and torture; then trained...

Télécharger le livre :  Horizontal Memoirs

Horizontal Memoirs

J.A. Smith
Pink Flamingo Publications
Jon (J. A. Smith) and his wife Alison have been involved in swinging for over thirty years. This unique book documents their swinging experience, their erotic adventures and the lifestyle they enjoyed, from their first chance finding of a swing club to...

Télécharger le livre :  Catherine's Dilemma: Catherine in Love, Book Two

Catherine's Dilemma: Catherine in Love, Book Two

Tina Gray
Pink Flamingo Publications
Catherine returns in this sequel to Catherine’s Dream, just as she and her Dominant lover Sam have become engaged. Enter Caitlin, Sam’s ward since her father died and her mother ran off. He introduces her to Cat and their lover Maddie, in hopes that...

Télécharger le livre :  Retaliation


Jurgen Von Stuka
Pink Flamingo Publications
Hank’s living a dream life – a successful stockbroker with a hot car and a hot wife, who just happens to be a top surgeon. He’s also a cheating snake, who knows he’s bound to get caught. If his private playroom suite is discovered, he’ll be on his way...

Télécharger le livre :  Alyssa's Needs Trilogy

Alyssa's Needs Trilogy

Olivia M. Ravensworth
Pink Flamingo Publications
After a year and a half of marriage, the beautiful Alyssa suddenly tells her adoring husband that she needs more than any one man, no matter how loving, can give her far more. Brad is shocked, but Alyssa, with her dark eyes smoldering, explains...

Télécharger le livre :  The Contract

The Contract

Jg Leathers
Pink Flamingo Publications
Illustrations ONLY available in Paperback version. To live the full experience, please purchase the paperback. The Contract, by JGLeathers was previously published as two separate books by Gord Books. The author has not only combined these powerful...

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